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Tenosynovitis is a general condition that is characterized by the inflammation and irritation of one’s tendons around one’s wrist joint. There are lots of tendons surrounding the wrist join. Commonly known as tendonitis wrist, it occurs when the tendons pass or cross each other over a very bony prominence.

Tenosynovium are tendon sheaths that make the tendons slides smoothly in a low frictional manner. The tendons on your wrist glide through the Tenosynovium when they pass your wrist joint.

If tendonitis wrist occurs when the Tenosynovium thicken and constrict the sliding motion of your tendons. This inflamed portion is very painful and difficult when you try to move.





  1. Wrist or Forearm Pain

The pain in one’s forearm varies in each individual. It can be aching, dull, constant or burning pain. This pain usually occurs slowly and it comes and it goes. Generally, the pain worsens if you continue to practice similar activities that caused the inflammation.

  1. Reduce Range of Movement

The connective and muscle tissue gets tighter from excessive working, which protects you from the pain. When this happens, it restricts movement on your fingers, wrist and elbow joint.

Kinds of Treatment:

  1. Ice Treatment – Putting an ice pack every now and then on the inflammation can be beneficial. Icing on the part affected helps cool down the inflammation and stimulate the blood on the affected area.
  2. Immobilization – This is done by placing a cast or splint on the affected area. This is commonly the first step when applying treatment. By resting your tendons, the inflammation and swelling decreases.
  3. Anti-inflammatory Prescriptions – You can take non-steroidal medicine which helps in controlling pain. It also helps in decreasing the inflammation and swelling.
  4. Coritisone Injection – This is a very potent anti-inflammatory treatment. The procedure is done by directly injecting the place where the inflammation has taken place. These injections are safe but may weaken your tendons if lots of injections are given out.
  5. Surgery – This method is your last resort. This is done when all other types of treatment are ineffective. Always make sure that before going to surgery there is no other way in treating tendonitis wrist. This type of treatment cost lots of money.

Preventing tendonitis wrist to happen is very essential. Don’t overdo or overwork your muscles. By reading this you are now aware of the symptoms and what kind of treatment can be applied. Never take your body for granted.

Tendonitis comes from the root word ‘tendons’, in your basic anatomy and physiology tendons are very important part of the body since it is responsible for attaching the bones with the muscles making the body well-framed. It is also made up from fibrous tissue and appears to be in different sizes and various shapes. For some reason tendons starts to become weary and may even cause pain towards the bearer. In such case one of the best examples is the tendonitis wrist also called as the tenosynovitis.

Tendonitis wrist can easily be indentified when the patient experience the following symptoms and signs;

  • Irritation
  • Pain
  • Tendons inflammation

When the tendons are severely affected with it, patients will experience painful inflammation that may even affect the bones. There are several causes and factors for an individual to acquire the said illness; People who are always working together with computers or may athletes. And those who are involved in activities associated with the following;

  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Hitting ball
  • Sewing
  • Bowling
  • Typing

Those actions displayed repetitive uses that can cause brittleness towards the tendons. Studies explained that those who are more prone to this are the older people. If you are worrying if you have already this problem, you can have a glance to some of the major symptoms;

  • Your wrist may experience sudden stiffness
  • There is a swelling in the affected wrist as well as inflammation
  • There is a heat feeling and redness on the wrist region

As for the treatment, immobilizing the wrist is one of the easiest options. It is when a splint is place to the affected area of the wrist. This is the very first step when you are tending someone who is in current state. By doing this, you are enabling the tendons to rest and prevent too much blood dilation decreasing the inflammation process. After that it is followed by applying cold compress such as ice. This is the second step of the treatment. This will lessen the tendon’s irritation and at least reduce the feeling of pain. However, when it becomes severe and won’t deal with first aids anymore asking for a doctor’s advice is a must. You can ask anti-inflammatory medications for tendonitis wrist. This medication can control the pain that you are feeling and can totally cure it if undergone with proper method of curing. Always think about your health and the rest remedy possible.

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