Swollen Knee


Knee swelling is the most common problem caused due to an injury or gradual increase in age of a person. It is also called as “water on the knee” that can be within or around the knee. Swollen knee can be caused due to various reasons and finding the exact reason behind the swell is not an easy task.

Determining the reason for the swollen knee is very important for the proper treatment.

Cause for swollen knee:

There are many factors that can cause swollen in the knees. It can be due to:

1) Fluid within the joint: This is the most common cause for swollen knee. Many people who are suffering from swollen knee are due to the accumulation of the fluid within the joint or the surrounding tissue. This fluid is present in the knee joint to help in knee movement. However under certain situation, this fluid gets accumulated causing the swell of the knee joint.

2) Blood accumulation in the knee joint: This is another major reason for the swelling. Many a times due to some injury and fracture or tear of the ligament, the blood gets accumulated within the joint. The fluid in this case gets accumulated in few minutes and can cause severe swelling and pain.

3) Chronic knee injury: Severe injuries can cause a gradual increase in knee swelling. This type of swelling is most common among people of old age group. The amount of fluid accumulation in this case fluctuates depending on the type of injury.

4) Knee arthritis: In today’s time, arthritis has become a common problem for many people.Patients suffering from arthritis experience acute pain and swelling near the knee joint which increases with the activities of a person.

5) Infection: A person may also suffer from knee swelling and pain without any injury. It can also be due to contamination from a surgery or a wound or an infection to the knee. In this case,surgery needs to be done to clean the infected area from the contaminated germs.


Treatment for swollen knees:

Ice therapy: Ice is an important treatment for knee swelling. It reduces the intensity of the blood flow in the system thereby reducing the swelling of the knee. One should use Ice therapy in a proper way to get the desired result otherwise it can produce adverse impact on the patient.

Medication: In many cases, anti-inflammatory medicines can be used to reduce the pain and knee swelling.

Aspiration: The fluid in the knee can also be drained by a doctor with the use of needle. This can also be helpful in situation with fluid accumulation.

Compression: Many a times, the doctor advises the patient to use knee braces that compresses the knee and reduces the swelling and the pain.

Other cases for a swollen knee:

Dislocation of knee cap – caused due to a forceful injury

Tumor – Varieties of tumors can cause knee pain and swelling.

Deep vein Thrombosis: a blood clot in the vein can be a reason for a painful swelling.

Knee swelling is a serious problem and one should consult a doctor immediately after the pain and any swelling on the knee joint.

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  1. Good about knee

  2. my left knee has been swollen for several months now. I have a hard time walking down steps and walking

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