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This is a type of inflammatory arthritis that is common with people who have a skin condition referred to as psoriasis. Psoriasis manifests itself in form of red patches on the skin and they may have silvery scales. People who have this condition usually later they are diagnosed with arthritis. This condition is influenced by genetic inheritance in that children born from parents with this condition will be at a greater risk of developing the disease unlike those from parents without the condition. Psoriatic arthritis usually appears ten years later after the onset of psoriasis and this is common in the ages of fifteen to thirty five years.

psoriatic arthritis explain

Psoriatic Arthritis In Hand

Symptoms of psoriatic arthritis:

a. Morning stiffness in the legs; this is experienced in the morning after waking up whereby one finds it difficulty to move the legs but after sometime of walking it becomes better. This is a very common symptom with psoriatic arthritis.

b. Swollen fingers and toes; the fingers and toes become swollen and in most cases the swelling is associated with some pain which usually stays as the condition is still in the body. In worst cases deformities may accompany the swellings of the hands and toes which will finally lead to very painful joint pains.

c. Lower back pain; when this condition sets in some people will develop another condition called spondylitis which causes inflammation of joints of the spine and the pelvis which in some cases make it difficulty for some people to walk normally.

d. Foot pain; this is pain which occurs at the point where ligaments and tendons join bones and this usually occurs at the back of the heel. This may cause some sharp pain when one is in motion or doing activities. The pain can also occur if one is involved in standing for long during the day; in the evening foot pain will be the order.

e. Sudden changes to the nails which may ultimately lead to the separation of the nails from the nail bed and they become infected and become unsightly.

f. There is general tiredness and weakness; because of the effects of psoriatic arthritis, the sufferer will become always fatigued and may not be able to perform some tasks or jobs because the body may not support them.

g. The tissues surrounding the eyes will become red and in some cases there will be some pain which is associated with the redness.

Psoriatic Arthritis picture


Several types of tests must be conducted in order to ascertain the presence of psoriatic arthritis which may include : imaging tests for example X-rays on the joints, magnetic resonance imaging which is usually referred to as MRI. Laboratory tests may include the following: determining rheumatoid factor (RF) and conducting the joint fluid test.

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