MCL tear


MCL is a very common injury among people of different age groups. The injury is caused due to a sudden twist or bent in the ligaments located at the inner part of knee joint. This type of injury is more common among kids, athletes and people who are more involved in physical activities.

MCL tear is caused on the inner part of the knee joint where the ligament is stretched and gets damaged. A bent or a stress on the knee can rupture the tissues which can damage the ligament of the knee joint. The damage to the ligament could be due to the pressure or a hit on the front side of the knee joint which can push the bones, stretching the ligament and causing the fracture. MCL is the collation of tissues inside your knee. It connects the thighbone to lower leg bone and is involved in the bending movement of the knee. MCL is hurt during physical activities such as soccer, football or any other game where the outer part of the knee gets hit.


Symptoms of MCL injury:

A person with MCL injury will have swelling on the knees, tenderness and acute pain. The pain on the knee increases with time and it may become severe after several hours of injury. The pain due to MCL injury can be harder for the person to move his knees. The level of the injury can be graded into three categories which can be mild, moderate or severe depending on the depth of the injury. A person with MCL injury can be cured in a week or it may also take few months depending on how severe the injury is.

MCL injury treatment:

MCL injuries of a person can be easily treated at home. Proper rest, anti-inflationary medicine and a cold bandage of ice can be very useful for this injury. It will reduce the pain of the injurer making him feel relaxed and comfortable. It is always advisable to reduce physical activity for few weeks and do some gentle movement of the knees to heal the MCL tear. A person with mild injury usually takes 1 to 3 weeks to get healed. While a moderate injury can take up to one month for the cure. Severe MCL injury can take few months to get back to the normal state. Proper rest with home treatment is the most recommended treatment for this injury. One should consult a medical practitioner when hurt during any physical activities.


Knee injury is very common and can be disastrous if not considered properly. Any person who gets injured at the knee and faces acute pain should immediately consult a doctor. When diagnosed with MCL tear, one should take rest and do home treatment as per doctor’s advice. Though these injuries can’t be prevented completely, however one can use proper techniques while playing those games which can cause MCL injury.

Proper exercise and medical treatment with sufficient rest can be a great option for a person to get healed from MCL injury.

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