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We know that arthritis is one of the most painful disorders that have already influenced the lives of over a million people across the world. One just cannot disregard this disorder as it can make the person lose the impacted joint. Despite the fact that several medications exist to heal arthritis; but due to the fact that one out of three Americans are having arthritis, people are ever eager to find and try out new cures to get rid of this intolerable pain. For obtaining arthritis relief, one such cure is magnetic bracelet. Yes, this is true!

After much research on the ways to find about the pain relieving techniques, magnetic bracelets have come up as the approved arthritis relief products. It is among arthritis pain management ways that have been used by many until now and are happy with the effects. Magnetic bracelets belong the category of magnetic therapy.


What are these bracelets?

Made from copper, titanium, or real silver; magnetic bracelets possess some effectivemagnetic properties that greatly help in the process of arthritis relief. As per a 12-week study conducted by the British Medical Journal in which the findings were revealed about these bracelets, a person wearing such a bracelet experiences a great amount deal of comfort. Such a person will surely report of a reasonable alleviation in the pain. Due to this, much further research is going on these magnetic bracelets. However, it has been proved that the magnetic therapy is effective for treating arthritis provided the bracelet’s magnetic field should be over 170mTelsa. In addition, a general belief holds true that no harm is done by such a bracelet.

How these bracelets work?

Generally, it is known that a magnet have the power to increase the level of blood circulation.Further, magnetism accelerates in the relocation of calcium ions due to which the tissues as well as the bones of the nervous system get healed. If one applies the magnetic fields properly, scientifically, the body cells get exposed to it and begin to respond via the exchange of ions in the cells. With this, oxygen is utilized in a better way, which is a sure factor needed for healing. In this same manner, a magnetic bracelet deals with the arteries of the wrist. Herein, a plenty of ions are released in the wrist’s blood due to the presence of the magnet. As the ionized blood reaches to the different parts of the body, oxygen also reaches along with it. So, it is proved that both blood circulation and oxygen increases, which aids in lessening the inflammation thereby maximizing arthritis relief. In addition, it is a common belief that a magnet also aids in throwing out the surplus fluids and toxins from the body.


How useful the bracelets are for arthritis?

Due to lack of scientific evidences, it is a bit tough to directly give an answer for this. But, positive results have been obtained from experiments wherein people with arthritis were considered. However, these results might not be completely accurate because the people might be biased. Nevertheless, researchers have concluded as per the results that arthritis people do benefit from these bracelets due to the scientific effect of the magnetic field.

For whom are these magnetic bracelets more beneficial?

Prior to the use of magnetic bracelets, it is always better to speak with your doctor about it. Although this magnetic therapy might not do any harm, its impact is dependent upon the intensity of the disease. These bracelets must not be used by pregnant women and folks with electronic medical gadgets such as metal implants. Further, folks already taking some medicines for the disease must first seek the suggestion of their doctors.

What is the cost?

Surprisingly, magnetic bracelets are not too costly. Depending upon the materials used, the bracelets are charged. A magnetic bracelet is available for $10 and even for $250. But, it is always a wise decision to avoid buying a very low-priced bracelet because it might not have the sterling materials that are useful and so might not aid you. Therefore, go for a moderate one. You can get these bracelets online that are selling products of magnetic therapy. However, no guarantee is offered about the product’s authenticity. So, one more option is to buy them from the shops vending other arthritis relief products.

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