Leg Pain in Children


Leg pain in children is something that is experienced by most children at some point in their lifetime. There are many different issues that may cause this pain to occur. As a parent, it is very important that you pay close attention to the pain that your child is experiencing and know when immediate medical attention is necessary. If you are effective at diagnosing the issue on your own then you may be able to determine if the leg pain is only a minor issue or caused by a serious medical problem. However, visiting your family doctor to get the pain diagnosed is still recommended so you can be sure of what is causing it and get pain relief help for your child.

Overuse Syndrome Causes Leg Pain in Children

There are many different things that may cause leg pain in children. The most common cause of leg pain in children is overuse syndrome. This is often referred to as “growing pains” and can be a serious issue for some individuals but is often minor in children. Basically, during the childhood years the child’s body is very active and can easily be sent into overuse mode. Once this is reached there will be noticeable pain to the legs in the child. This pain is typically experienced in the evening and at night time. It is usually not experienced at any other time of day and will likely not interfere with any physical activity. The pain usually goes away by massaging the affected area or using heat therapy. If this is the reason behind your child’s leg pain then it is not a major issue as they will grow out of it, usually by the age of 10 years old.


Other Causes of Leg Pain in Children

Aside from growing pains there are other types of overuse syndrome which may lead to leg pain in children but they are not as common. For example, Osgood-Schlatter’s syndrome is another type of overuse syndrome that can lead to pain in the knees. This pain is especially noticeable when jumping, running, or putting the knees under heavy stress. If this type of overuse syndrome is experienced then you will want to visit your family doctor for treatment help. The most effective treatment for this syndrome is anti-inflammatory medication. Stretching daily will also be very helpful in treating this type of leg pain in children.

There are other possible causes of leg pain in children as well. Some other possibilities include an infection, tumor, vascular disease, and more. If you are attempting to identify the cause of leg pain in your child then you will want to consider a few factors to get a better idea on what may be causing it. First off, you will want to pinpoint the location of the pain. If it is in a particular area then it will help you with targeting the possible causes of the pain. For example, hip pain could be caused by an infection to the hip joint. You will also want to consider the severity of the pain and any other symptoms that are noticeable. In the example of a hip joint infection there will be numerous symptoms that may occur such as a noticeable limp, poor walking posture, fever, and more.

Leg pain in children is relatively common so it is not something that you should be concerned about right away. You can try massaging the area that is sore and see if the pain goes away. A heat pad would also be helpful. You will want to keep an eye out for any other symptoms in case your child is not just experiencing growing pains. Ultimately, leg pain in children can be caused by many different things and while in most cases it is nothing to worry about it is still recommended that you diagnose the problem with your doctor to be sure and to get treatment advice.

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