Leg Aches at Night


Every type of leg pain can be the sign of endless types of minor health issues and major medical problems. If you are experiencing leg pain of any severity then it should be addressed by your doctor so you can get a proper diagnosis on the problem. The leg pain may be an early sign of a serious medical problem and could make all the difference when attempting to treat it. While it is often a minor issue that is to blame, you will want to make sure that there is nothing serious and find it immediately if so to allow for quicker treatment. If you are experiencing leg aches at night then you may want to get a better idea on what may be causing it. This is a particular symptom of general leg pain and it will help you with identifying the most likely causes of your leg pain but you will have to consider a few other things as well.


Diagnosing Leg Aches at Night

If you are experiencing leg aches at night then you will have to consider a few variables of the leg pains and other relevant issues to get a better idea on what may be to blame. When diagnosing leg aches at night you will want to consider where exactly the leg aches are occurring, what other symptoms you are experiencing, and what the pain sensation feels like.

There are certain leg pain causes that will have a constant pain (example: a blood clot) while others may come and go or recur on a regular basis. There are only a select few major causes of leg pain that is prominent at night so if this is truly a symptom of your leg pain then it will narrow down the list of likely causes by quite a bit. You will want to look at the likely causes of leg aches at night and consider what you are experiencing to get a better idea on what causes sound like they may be to blame for your leg pain.

What Causes Leg Aches at Night

There are numerous causes of leg aches but only a few of them feature leg aches that are most prominent at night time. One of the main causes of leg aches at night is restless leg syndrome (RLS), which is also known as Willis-Ekbom disease. Some other possible causes of leg aches at night include mineral deficiency, peripheral artery disease (PAD), and varicose veins. There are general leg pain causes (such as muscle cramps) which may be to blame for your leg aches at night and other variables may come into play in regards to why the pain is most noticed at night time. Therefore, do not narrow down the possibilities to the few issues that tend to cause leg pain later in the day as it could be any number of things that is causing you to experience the aches.

If you are experiencing leg aches at night then you should visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. You may be experiencing this leg pain for an endless amount of reasons. If you consider the location of the pain, what it feels like, and any other symptoms that you have then you may be able to get a better idea of what is causing it. Ultimately, leg aches at night could signify a number of health issues so you should discuss this problem with your doctor to find out what is to blame for your leg pain.

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  1. Hi,
    Since few days I am facing issue of leg pain, it’s especially below knee behind knee cure & ankle when I wokeup early morning my legs are stuck with pain.I also ride bike daily while traveling office return journey of 3 hrs please provide an home remedy on this.Also provide solution for my partner she is also facing issue in her left leg behind knee cure main backside bone. sometimes her ankle is also swollen.

    Awaiting for positive response.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hey Rafaqat

      I would strongly suggest you to consult a doctor. For instant relief use ice packs and do some stretching exercises daily to strengthen the muscles around knee.


  2. Can you tell me why my legs will hurt so bad if I get woke up just a little bit if I have just went to sleep. I try to stretch or bend them and nothing helps. It always happens from right above the knee down anytime I get barely woke up.

    SO I CAN SLEEP.4 TO 5 HOURS ; (This part is the worst ) awake up
    with pain i sit on bed end only the lower leg pain remain ; now i need
    a walker to get up a start to walk from the bed .I cant rest my left leg on the
    floor for 2 hours or even touch because so painful .I manege to to move
    around by that time i can walk normal till the time to go to bed again.
    My doctor prescribe (PRAMI PEXOLE)

  4. My left leg entirely do pain me everytime, especially my knee. From my hip to d bone in my butt to my ankle

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