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Hamstring Tendonitis is a serious condition in which a person experiences aching pain in legs. This condition can affect one or both legs of a patient. The actual region affected by Hamstring Tendonitis is right above the knee and usually on the backside of upper legs. Most patients of this condition are either athletes or fast runners.

Recent statistics indicate that people participating in field sports are among the most affected by this condition. It involves inflammation of the tendons. These tendons connect the bone to muscles in the human body. Many people continue to ignore this condition for a very long time. This is due to the reason that Hamstring Tendonitis looks a lot like soreness of muscles. Heavy workout in gym or several hours in field can often lead to soreness of muscles in athletes and runners.

Recognizing Hamstring Tendonitis is not difficult because it leads to a considerable swelling in knee cap region. Also, a person can experience a quick drop in mobility. While the muscle pain will exist during the day, it is likely to get worse during the night. Attempts to make physical hard-work of any kind, including game practice, can increase the pain a great deal.

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How can a person develop the medical condition of Hamstring Tendonitis?

In most cases, this condition affects aged people. However, chances of developing Hamstring Tendonitis are very high if a person takes up a heavy exercise routine or participates in an activity that demands great physical hard work after a long duration of physical inactivity. A vigorous physical activity after a long period of rest can cause such conditions in athletes as well as ordinary people. Sportspersons practicing on a hard-surface can also develop this condition. Runners are always advised not to run on pavements or concrete roads for long duration due to this very reason. It is better to run on dedicated running tracks.

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How to deal with Hamstring Tendonitis?

It is important not to choose just any treatment method to get out of this painful condition. According to experts, the best way to deal with the condition of Hamstring Tendonitis is to use natural solutions. These are mostly non-invasive and cause little or no side-effects at all. First of all, one should apply a little ice to the affected area on one or both legs. Ice can significantly reduce the painful sensation. Swelling can also increase a great deal by applying ice. For quick pain-relief, a person can take some non-prescription drugs. Some common examples of these medications include Advil, Tylenol and Motrin. It is very important not to participate in a physical activity until the condition is healed completely. Heavy exercises or work-outs in gym can further aggravate the condition. Until the symptoms are present, a patient should just take rest. Even after recovering from this condition, it is a good idea to warm up before working-out. Proper cooling time should also be allotted after heavy exercises or running practice.

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