Diabetes Leg Pain

Leg pain is a common symptom of diabetes. The pain is often not noticed until it has already caused extensive damage. Diabetes leg pain occurs due to diabetic neuropathy which is a nerve disorder that occurs as result of diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy causes a gradual growth in nerve damage to the legs and various other body parts. This is an issue which is noticed by the majority of individuals with diabetes but not all cases will have significant effects on the legs.

When diabetes leg pain is noticed it is important that you detect it as soon as possible and begin treating the issue. Keep in mind that if you are experiencing leg pain and have diabetes then you will first want to make sure that it is caused by the diabetes in case there is an underlying medical problem that has yet to be discovered. If you are certain that you experiencing diabetes leg pain then you can seek treatment for diabetic neuropathy to minimize the effects it has and prevent it from causing further nerve damage.


Types of Diabetes Leg Pain

There are three common types of diabetes leg pain that exists. This includes peripheral, proximal, and focal neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is the most commonly experienced type of diabetes leg pain. It can affect any part of the body and typically causes leg pain and numbness. Proximal neuropathy is a much more specific type of diabetes leg pain as it only targets your buttocks, thighs, and hips. The result of this type of neuropathy is a general weakness to the legs but not a severe pain in comparison to other types of diabetes leg pain. Focal neuropathy consists of pain or weakness to muscles in the legs and other parts of the body. This is caused by a general weakening of the nerves.


Symptoms of Diabetes Leg Pain

The major symptom of diabetes leg pain is the pain itself. This could be a minor or severe pain which could be accompanied with tingly sensations or numbness in certain areas. This may affect your legs, feet, and various other parts of your body. Other symptoms that may be combined with diabetes leg pain include difficulty urinating, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, weakness, erectile dysfunction (ED), and much more. The general diabetes symptoms would obviously be experienced but are expected unless you have not already diagnosed yourself with diabetes.

Treatment for Diabetes Leg Pain

The best treatment for diabetes leg pain is prevention. You can reduce the chance of neuropathy occurring by maintaining a healthy blood glucose level. This will prevent your nerves from being at high risk of nerve damage. If you are experiencing diabetes leg pain and a particular neuropathy has been diagnosed then you will want to seek out treatment to relieve the symptoms of it. There are various pain relief methods that you can use. Many people use medication (painkillers, tricyclic antidepressants, etc.) to treat diabetes leg pain. Other treatment methods such as acupuncture and physical therapy may also be used as treatment for diabetes leg pain.


Diabetes leg pain is something that should be observed and diagnosed immediately if you are a diabetes patient that is experiencing pain to the legs. If you have any type of diabetic neuropathy it is essential that it is diagnosed right away so you can minimize the amount of nerve damage that it causes. Ultimately, diabetes leg pain can be very severe and can have serious health effects so detecting it as early as possible and seeking pain relief methods is very important if you have a diabetic neuropathy.

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  1. I’m having these Leg pain for the last one month and i ache all over . It doesn’t get better even with pain killers

    • Hey Vicky
      Please do some stretching exercises; refrain from doing much physical activities. If there is no improvement consult doctor.


  2. I am experiencing severe pain in my knees and below knees from past 1 month. Even after a walk or exercise its same..
    I face lots of problem while bending legs.

    • try ayurveda …. they are world leaders in knee related problems …. no it wont give me a commission …. call jiva ayurveda … watch sanjivani on news 24 everyday 2 30 pm

  3. I have severe pain in my left leg from my hip doen all the time. It get worst in the morning and evening. I walk to get rid of the pain, but it only get worst. I visit the doctor, but get no help. I take gabspenetin whih gives me about (1) one hour relief.

    HELP someone, please.

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