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Wherever a joint exist, the risk of arthritis is always there. One such area is our hands whose fingers and wrist can be badly affected if at all arthritis strikes in this body part. In this article, we will know about how arthritis in thumb can affect our lives.

Arthritis in thumb arthritis is mostly experienced at the bottom of its joints. We use our thumbs while holding something or pinching somebody. While doing so, if you are finding it tough to move your thumb and experience even some amount of inflammation in the joints’ cartilage of the thumb, then it quite possible that you are now a victim of thumb arthritis. As a warning, do not underestimate these signs in thumb and neglect it for no good. This is because if it is arthritis, you are bound to suffer from intense pain and loss of thumb movement if you leave it untreated.


Arthritis in thumb refers to a health affair wherein the cartilage damage as well as inflammation in the thumb joints is present. Technically, thumb arthritis is a type belonging to the bigger arthritis group that is osteoarthritis. This is a common arthritis type that takes place because of the recurring erosion of the cartilages as well as joints. The thumb arthritis mostly affects the thumb’s base joints that precisely form the part in which the thumbs as well as the wrists meet. These special joints together are known as the CarpoMetaCarpal (CMC) joints. As per the dedicated researches, thumb arthritis mostly occurs more in females as compared to the males. In most of the cases, it takes place when an individual becomes 40 years old.


>> Symptoms

The signs of arthritis in thumb include all the possible symptoms of any other arthritis type such as inflammation, swelling, and tenderness. But yes, there are some more signs specific to thumb arthritis such as the pain experienced at the thumb’s base or in its joints. Besides swelling, redness is also noticeable in and surrounding the thumb part. In case of arthritis in thumb, the moment you attempt to shift the thumbs, a breaking sensation will be triggered sometimes along with too much pain. It is precisely due to this that the thumb will be able to move not flexibly, but limitedly. Further, while gripping, you will feel the difficulty in doing so due to the pain. In fact, using the thumb for simple tasks like opening the lid of a container, moving the keys, and turning the doors would be no less than a challenge.


>> Treatment

There is no doubt that seeking a medical expert is the first step in case you feel these signs of arthritis in thumb. This is because the rheumatologist or a trained doctor will first examine the thumb as well as diagnose the precise factor responsible for the disorder. It is not necessary to take a special test for this as even a simple x-ray works well. This x-ray has the ability to show whether the disease is yet in a condition to be cured using the non-evasive treatment techniques. Otherwise, surgery is the option that remains.

arthritis in thumb

However, surgery is the last resort before which the doctors mostly go for the other methods to heal arthritis in thumb. The first choice of any expert is to use the anti-inflammatory medicines that are useful in lessening both pain as well as inflammation. Your doctor would ask you to take such drugs regularly in the suitable dose or when pain is felt. Therefore, one must strictly implement the instructions as per what the doctor has given.

If medicines are not showing their effects, then more treatment techniques like thumb abduction splints and injections of cortisone are too implemented. A splint is actually instilled above the joints of the thumb in order to limit the movement and alleviate the swelling. In severe cases, the patient might be in need of a brace instead of a single splint. Apart from the braces and splints, cortisone can be injected in the thumb to deal with the signs of arthritis in thumb instantly. Cortisone is actually a strong anti-inflammatory drug that tends to work on the spot when given directly into the skin.

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